Providing Mandatory Training and Education for the Continuing Care Community

Collins Learning is an online compliance training and continuing education solution that is provided to healthcare employees through high quality TV Talk Show and Documentary style videos. We make tracking and documenting compliance easy and affordable for the facility and enjoyable and informative for the employee. Our mission is to Educate, Inspire and Transform today's healthcare professional.   

Long-Term Care Facilities

Mandatory training for today’s busy long-term care professional made easy. Courses are customized to meet the demands of skilled nursing facilities and are approved for all health care professionals. Administration, management and direct care staff will all benefit from our courses, as will your residents.

Assisted Living Facilities

Courses are designed to meet the requirements of the assisted living environment, including those ALs that provide specialized services to individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Our courses will assist your employees in maintaining high standards of care and customer service for your residents.

Home Health Care

Specialized skills including communication, customer service, understanding abuse and neglect, and safety are the focus of these courses. Prepare your staff to provide superior care in the home while maintaining ethical and clinical standards.

Personal Care Homes

Certain states require a different set of mandatory courses, and Collins Learning has them. Stay on top of changes in populations being under-served, residents with pathological and cognitive disorders, gerontological topics, and The Older Adult Protective Services Act.

Hospice Care

Professionals working for hospice organizations around the country will benefit from our customized catalogue of courses. The focus includes death and dying, pain management and much more. These courses will help your organization remain in compliance while energizing and motivating your employees to continue delivered ethical and professional care to their patients.

Group Home Care

These courses help organizations remain in compliance while delivering information on effectively handling difficult behaviors, dementia, Autism, ADHD and much more. Group home settings are unique and require a different curriculum and we strive to deliver that to our clients in group home settings.

Course Library

Collins Learning provides continuing education for administrators, nurses, social workers, counselors, physical therapists, activity professionals, registered dieticans and certified case managers. Programs are developed by highly qualified professionals in health care and Emmy Award winning television producers.

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Coming Soon - 6 New Courses

Death and Dying: A Brief Overview

The purpose of this activity is to provide an overview of death and dying.

Learning Objectives:
  1. List elements of a “Good Death”
  2. List important aspects of quality care at the end of life
  3. List pain management methods
  4. Review strategies of communicating with families

Medication Self-Administration: The Basics and Beyond

The purpose of this activity is to introduce medication self-administration.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review definitions of self-administration
  2. Review elements of administration and preparation
  3. Review elements of supervision
  4. List the “7 Rights” of medication self-administration
  5. List steps involved in storage and disposal
  6. Review types of controlled substances

Pain Management: A Review of Causes, Types and Treatments

The purpose of this activity is to increase knowledge of pain management.

Learning Objectives:
  1. List different causes of pain
  2. List different types of pain
  3. List effective pain management methods

Safety in Home Care: Preventing Patient and Worker Hazards

The purpose of this activity is to provide information concerning safety in home care.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify common hazards to patients and home health care employees
  2. Review hazard prevention

Sensitivity Training for Health Care Professionals

The purpose of this activity is to increase knowledge of sensitivity training in health care.

  Learning Objectives:
  1. Review important elements of cultural competence
  2. List different forms of discrimination
  3. List goals of sensitivity training
  4. List benefits of sensitivity training

Serving New & Diverse Populations

The purpose of this activity is to provide information concerning new and diverse populations.

  Learning Objectives:
  1. List different new and diverse populations
  2. Review domains of cultural competence
  3. Review methods of promoting diversity